Sunday, February 22, 2004

WP: Edwards & Foreign Policy

The Washington Post is hightlighting what it considers an Edwards weakness: his inexperience with foreign policy. Are you people sleeping out there?! Bush? Foreign policy? The man had no experience whatsoever and practically ran as a protectionist.

To their credit they include this quote from Democratic consultant John Weaver:
"In the 2000 campaign, we did not have a debate about foreign policy, partly because [Al] Gore didn't push it and Bush didn't have the depth of experience to press it, either," said John Weaver, a Democratic consultant who was a top strategist to Arizona Sen. John McCain's GOP presidential campaign against Bush four years ago.

"I don't think the voters will allow that to happen again," he added. "Even if they rate the economy as top issue, they want to know in the back of their minds: Can this man lead us in a time of war, in time of choppy waters in foreign policy? You ignore that at your own peril."
Right, but maybe the voters will recognize that Bush still isn't qualified as a foreign policy president and that the foreign policy "experts" in his administration have latched onto outrageous, extremist views. Just maybe.

So, is Kerry more qualified in this area? Probably. But is either man a better fit for the White House? No doubt.

The Republicans have been electing actors and baseball team owners to public office. Here's a really novel idea: let's elect a politician.

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