Monday, November 18, 2002

If anyone clicks on this link below I believe I earn points towards a DVD player or something. It's for the CSI telly show. Or the soundtrack for the CSI telly show actually.

Click Here to be Sucked into Yet Another Predatory Marketing Vortex

You probably hafta sign up or something, but what the hey. I'm only taking up cyberspace. "Cyberspace." Boy, that term already sounds quaint and outdated, doesn't it? Kinda like "the information super highway." Silly now, isn't it? Don't hear it any more, do you? In fact, you hardly even hear "the world wide web" anymore either. Just "the web" thanks. We can't handle too many syllables at once for a single count noun object.

Notice also my quaint and naive use of the words "Click Here" in the self-serving link above. I'm pretending not to be web savvy. Am considering adding a huge image map next.

Oh, and to learn more about the aforementioned marketing operation Click Here, my Discerning and Highly-Favored Friend.

(Yes, I'm altering the HTML these dudes provide on their site. Ain't I a rebel? Living right out there on the friggin' edge, I am.)

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Folks interested in the field of information architecture will want to check out the latest edition of the O'Reilly (or Polar Bear) book Information Architecture for the World Wide Web by IA gurus Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Moreville. It's no understatment to call this book the Bible for information architecture.