Sunday, August 06, 2000

About Me

the author approaching middle age

I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia and now live in New York City. In between, I've found lived at various times in Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC (where I attended the self-proclaimed "World's Most Unusual University") and Pusan, Korea. I've traveled on every continent, except Antarctica. Pretty much incapable of wearing a single hat, I'm an information architect and a content strategist, currently employed with Avenue A | Razorfish. I have degrees in journalism and English and I write music reviews (which get published) and fiction (which usually doesn't).

My writing has been featured in numerous publications, including Skyscraper, Make magazine, Pixelsurgeon, Open Sewer,, Creative Loafing, The Charleston Post-Courier, The Korea Herald, and Isosceles, a small poetry journal, as well as the Razorfish publications Slant and Headlight. You'll find a selection of my writing in the right rail of this blog.

Feel free to comment. To agree or disagree. We get nowhere without dialogue.

Best wishes,