Thursday, May 29, 2003

The following from Robert Jensen appeared on

"Republicans dominate Texas politics, but the national Democrats could learn a simple lesson from the state: Before you can become the party in power, you have to be a real opposition party.

When 51 Democratic members of the Texas House of Representatives left for Oklahoma earlier this month to derail a Republican redistricting plan, they did something that - for Democrats these days - seems radical: They stood up for themselves and for the democratic process."

Amen, brother Jensen, but it's abot time the friggin' dems stood up for something. Where were all those guys when we were headed off to war in Iraq?

Monday, May 26, 2003

What follows is one of the most bizarre things I've *ever* come across on the web: a complete listing of finals meals requested by Texas death row inmates. Look how many there are. Why is this list even out there? Freedom of information, I guess. Fine. Still. It's revolting.

Oh, and then there's the annotation: "*The final meal requested may not reflect the actual final meal served." Jeez, the least you could do is give the bastards the final meal they requested. You know, keep up your end of the deal.