Sunday, February 29, 2004

Top 10 Odd Passion of Christ Related Ephemera

  1. Passion of Christ: Movie tickets bearing the Mark of the Beast. Some patrons at a Georgia (stop giggling) theater complained that their tickets bore the number 666. Apparently, the machine that prints the tickets randomly assigned the number as a prefix on all the tickets for the movie.
  2. Passion of Christ: Producer Credit for the Holy Spirit. “The Holy Spirit was working through me” – Mel Gibson on the making of his movie, The Passion of the Christ.
  3. Passion of Christ: Reviewed by God? Actor Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning while portraying Jesus delivering the Sermon on the Mount.
  4. Passion of Christ: Critics of the Passion aid/are Satan. Gibson refers to critics of The Passion as “the force of Satan” or “dupes of Satan.”
  5. Passion of Christ: BAD because Jesus’ hair is too long. Amongst other wackier and often more frightening criticisms of the flick.
  6. Passion of Christ: Nail pendant. “Take a reminder of His sacrifice with you everywhere you go.”
  7. Passion of Christ: T-shirt. But of course.
  8. Passion of Christ: NASCAR hood advert. Seriously. Guess, like Bush, Mel wants to nab the NASCAR dads.
  9. Passion of Christ: Coffee Mugs. Share a last cuppa java with the Savior.
  10. Passion of Christ: Inspiring Tattoos? Denis Haack of Ransom Fellowship offers some talking points for the movie, including this one:
    Consider a cross as a piece of jewelry and as a tattoo. Could the argument be made that if a Christian is going to wear a cross, it should be a tattoo (instead of jewelry) because the tattoo involved pain, is far more permanent, and serves less to “prettify” than to identify? Why or why not?
I reserve the right to edit this litany as even wackier stuff surfaces.[Update: Just knew I'd have more to add to this one: as they roll out of the top 10, I'll post the ones that drop off below.]

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