Friday, February 27, 2004

I Agree With Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell just told Alan Colmes on FOX News' Hannity & Colmes that Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" isn't anti-semitic, it's anti-human. I don't know about the anti-Semitic part, but, from everything I hear about the flick, I agree that it's anti-human. Only, Falwell didn't mean that as a criticism. I do. One only need visit conservative sites like National Review's The Corner to see conservatives flagellating themselves and the rest of us, implicating us all in Christ's death:

Rannesh Ponnuru:
I not only wanted to crucify Him; I did. But I think I did so because I'm a sinner, not because I'm a conservative (except in the sense that all conservatives are necessarily sinners).
Rod Dreher:
Which is all to say that this film made me understand in my bones that if I had been there, I probably would have wanted to crucify him too. And, as the Church teaches, in some mystical way, I did.
Clearly, these statements allude to Catholic/Christian beliefs outlining mankind's culpability in the death of Christ. I find such beliefs offensive and anti-human. Not to mention, reeking with self-hatred. Perhaps, such beliefs partly explain Gibson's desire to revel in splattered blood and viscera.

Falwell capped his interview by saying this has been a great week because of two things that happened. One being the release of The Passion, the other being "our couragous president " recommending an amendment to the consititution to uphold marriage as it should be, between a man and woman.

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