Sunday, February 08, 2004

Mac User Zeal Lapses into Hysteria

What started as a hoax garnered a PC technician known only as "Andy" 1300 hate emails from Mac users in two days. What'd he do to welcome this much invective?

Last week Andy sent some brief text and photos into, depicting his transformation of a Mac G5 he supposedly got for Christmas into a common PC because "I loved the case, but I’m no Mac user." He replaced the powerful G5 processor with a cheapie Athlon motherboard. Well, quite a few Mac users didn't get the joke.

So how extreme were some of the responses? They don't get much scarier than this:
I hope your PC blows up and leaves your miserable face disfigured forever. You will surely burn in hell for an eternity for this one.
Or how about this:
Turning a perfectly good dual G5 into a crappy PC was the ticket that got you to hell. And if you were in front of me I'd pop a corn-born Teflon bullet from my Glock in your fucking face.
OK, you didn't get the joke. But why the hate, folks?

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