Monday, February 23, 2004

cc: Mary Cheney

A little too guerilla perhaps, but encourages visitors to email Mary Cheney, the VP's daughter and encourage her to take a visible stand against the anti-gay marriage amendment.

The site explains:
The public has the right to ask this very public person why she is running the re-election campaign of a man who would make her and millions of other Americans second-class citizens, especially in view of an Oct. 13, 2000 Washington Post report that Mary "has lived for years with a female partner, and wears a gold band on the ring finger of her left hand." The public also has the right to ask Vice President Cheney why he believes gay relationships are a threat to society, but then hires a person in a committed gay relationship to run his re-election effort.
Most of the emails (which are posted on the site) are even tempered. A typical message:
Dear Mary,

Please help us. We are all fighting here but we could really use your help. I want to be able to get married. I don't want to be a second class citizen. You can really make a difference.

Jason in Williamsport, PA

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