Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Andrew Sullivan just made a compelling case for gay marriage on CNN's NewsNight show with Aaron Brown. That is he made the case for marriage, since gays are only asking for the same rights as heterosexual couples. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sullivan also has an moving piece, "Why the M Word Matters to Me," in this week's issue of Time. He concludes,
I want above everything else to remember a young kid out there who may even be reading this now. I want to let him know that he doesn't have to choose between himself and his family anymore. I want him to know that his love has dignity, that he does indeed have a future as a full and equal part of the human race. Only marriage will do that. Only marriage can bring him home.
Earlier this evening, the Massachussets Legislature voted down two different versions of a constitutional amendment that would prohibit marriage between same-sex couples. The second attempt at an amendment sought to provide a compromise, allowing gays to engage in civil unions, while preventing them from marrying. The legislature resumes their discussion tomorrow.

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