Saturday, February 07, 2004


Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood or PABAAH helpfully provides this boycott list of actors, musicians and other entertainers whom we should boycott because of their unpatriotic activites.

Presumably, they opposed the war in Iraq, criticized the Bush administration, called for the legalization of pot--I dunno, the site provides no information about why we're supposed to boycott each person. They list everyone from Al Pacino and Bono to Willie Nelson and Gore Vidal, by way of Natalie Merchant and Alyssa Milano(?!).

Chuck Norris, you'll be relieved to hear, didn't make the list. Him being a patriotic God-fearing American and all. So it's safe to watch those Missing in Action movies.

Oh, and don't miss their Patriotic Hollywood list which highlights "those entertainers that would not be considered a part of the 'Hate America' crowd and are proud of their country."

Gee whiz, thanks PABAAH.

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