Monday, February 23, 2004

Break Out!

Just heard Tavis Smiley interviewing commentator Connie Rice (not to be confused with "Condi") of Advancement Project about Tom Delay's redistricting antics, and she let loose with this great quote:
If you're reduced to window dressing, break the window.
Good advice from her to the Democrats who are watching the Republicans hijack America again. Good advice to all qualified voters this November. (And I'll be among them, having successfully sat for my citizenship interview today.)

The Top 10 Signs Race No Longer Matters

Also came across these great Top Ten lists by Rice on NPR's site. A sampling:
  • When real estate agents no longer ask me to leave and remove family pictures before showing my house.
  • When magazine covers featuring dark-skinned people no longer depress sales.
  • When black women stop using weapons of mass destruction to straighten their hair.
  • When Shoshanna Johnson gets the same book and movie deal enjoyed by Jessica Lynch.
  • When white people stop exclaiming how articulate I am.
  • When white ex-cons no longer get more job call-backs than crime-free blacks with the same resumes.
  • When black sports ignoramuses get fired for saying the same stupid stuff that white sports ignoramuses get fired for.

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