Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Welcome to Bush Country

Last night blogging at the coffee shop I saw and heard the following things:

>A pizza store manager telling a young barister that if Kerry were elected he'd try to turn the U.S. communist.
>The barister telling him she (yes, "she") would leave the country if a woman were ever elected president--whether it were Hillary or any other woman was irrelevant (I'll cut her some slack--she was in her late teens, early 20s max).
>And I saw a yuppie guy pick up Rolling Stone and then put it down in disgust when he saw John Kerry on the cover.
>I, er, didn't see or hear any positive Kerry activity.

What's the point? Here in Charlotte, I pretty much consider myself in Bush country. Nonetheless, to my surprise, the networks and CNN are currently declaring NC too close to call. I don't expect NC to go Kerry, despite the fact that Edwards hales from here.

But, even if Bush wins, there's quite a referendum against Bush.

And I will say, I saw more Kerry Edwards stickers in the parking lot at the Y tonight than Bush stickers. For what it's worth.

If Kerry somehow does take NC, I'll make a "Welcome to Kerry Country" sign to put on my car tomorrow.

8:30 - Looks like Bush clinched NC even as I was typing this up. Too bad.

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