Friday, November 19, 2004

American Mullahs

Thank God conservative watchdog groups like the American Decency Association exist to save us adult folks from ourselves. Here's the ADA's thoughts on Mel Karmazin's signing on with Howard Stern at Sirius:
If Sirius stock prices rise significantly, the rise will signal the continuation of America's slouching toward Gomorrah. Stern and Karamazin's fortunes may rise as America's morality is incrementally diminished. The twosome will again have their way at the expense of time-honored standards of decency which have served this country so well.
In other news, Sirius's stock rose today:
Sirius Satellite Radio (up $0.45 to $5.17, Research) was a bright spot for the Nasdaq, advancing by 9.5 percent after the subscription radio service named ex-Viacom (down $0.73 to $34.72, Research) president Mel Karmazin as its new CEO.
So, here we go down the slippery slope to Gomorrah. Wheeeeeeee!

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