Thursday, November 18, 2004

Specter Bashing

Late-night comedians and Wonkettes joke about the Republicans (OK, politicians) eating their young, but as we've seen lately they also devour their elderly as well.

Poor Arlen Specter - it's been nothing but a bloodbath ever since his nomination was suggested. Apparently empowered by their imagined moral mandate, the religious right has swarmed the cadaverous Specter like pirahna over a staggering cow.

Predictably, the National Review's ever acidic Kathryn Lopez is reduced to criticizing the AP for describing Specter as "a Republican moderate." "Memo to AP Stylebook Editor," she writes. "He is a liberal, not a mod."

No, Kathryn, you're just so far to the right that he looks like a liberal. He's still right of center. Moderate if you will.

Specter was unanimously approved by Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to become the new chairman. I'm guessing then that they don't consider him a liberal. Otherwise, voting for him would be counterproductive to their cause.

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