Thursday, November 11, 2004

Saving Affilliates $$$

On Veteran's Day, this evening, ABC is airing Saving Private Ryan unedited all across America--except in a few cities where affiliates are afraid they'll be beseiged with complaints--not about the extreme violence depicted in the flick, mind you, but about the cussing. (Words like "fuck" and "shit" and "god damn.") And, of course, they're mostly afraid of getting busted by the FCC.

I'm happy to say our Charlotte affiliate is among those taking the high road. Even as I type, they're airing Eddie Murphy's 1988 comic masterpiece Coming to America.

I hope they're beseiged with compaints by angry veterans who had tuned in hoping to see Tom Hanks save Matt Damon.

Well, hey, Coming to America is good for a few laughs. I think maybe I even went to see it twice as a teenager. I'm guessing they edited out the part at the beginning where Eddie's bathing with all the naked black women.

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