Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mission Accomplished II?

Thanks Matthew Yglesias for saying exactly what I was thinking.

Didn't it occur to the war planners (I use the term loosely) that the thugs would simply stroll out of Falluja if they heard an offensive were on the way? So now we're bombing the hell out of a city and it's inhabitants can soon return to the rubble that was their homes. I suppose that's better than bombing their homes to rubble while they're in them.

Well, without anyone to fight, I guess the administration can declare victory pretty quickly, huh? Mission accomplished! In fantasyland.

Our government keeps telling us that they're fighting terrorists. So how come they keep acting like they're fighting a nation state?

And it seems undignified even to bring up the obvious doesn't it: that this offensive began scarcely a week after Bush was safely elected.

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