Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Blind Leading the Blind

Over at The Corner, Kathryn Lopez is encouraged:
On FNC, I am told, Kristol is making a coherent case that the exit polls are seriously underestimating Bush support - and I believe him.
That'd be Fox News Channel and Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, of course.

Boy, some folks really do like to live in a bubble, don't they?

Even Bob Novak is saying it looks like Ohio is a loss for Bush right now on CNN, despite the Bush folks (Ken Mehlman) having said the moment before that Bush is ahead in Florida and Ohio. Spin, spin, spin.

Tucker "Bowtie Boy" Carlon is chucking a fit now because some folks want to keep the polls open.

Update: 11/02/04 - As you probably know by now, apparently Bill Kristol was right about the exit polls. Someone did ask me at about 7pm this evening who won the election. Kinda disturbing.

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