Friday, October 08, 2004

Thoughts on Tonight's Debate

Kerry just did something pretty powerful: he just turned around, addressed Bush directly, and accused him of ignoring the report on WMD. Bush looked surprised, quickly tried to make light of the moment with his facial expression. But Kerry looked forceful. And he towered over Bush. He dressed him down. Almost looked like a fist fight was gonna break out.

Bush tries to blame lack of success on the military - the advice he got from them, that is - bet they'll appreciate that.

"That answer almost made me wanna scowl." Great rebuttal W.

Kerry's addressing Bush directly quite often. Bush hasn't been able to do this. "You've got a backdoor draft right now." He rattled of a list of military who support him, specifically mentioning at least one who served under Bush's father's administration.

Bush is angry. Interrupts Charles Gibson--practically shouts him down. He's starting to look and sound crazed. We're watching something historic, I think.

Bush seems out of breath now. Kerry seems reasonable and measured in comparison.

When folks over at The National Review are all over the map about Bush's performance and his presidency, you something's awry. Cliff May:
Kerry really is making the argument that Bush should be fired.

He really isn’t making the argument that he should be hired.

Does he really not need to?

I mean this as a serious question, to which I don’t know the answer.
Kerry shows how Bush has flip-flopped on buying drugs from Canada. Great big belly laugh from me at this point.

Bush finally addresses Kerry directly after that.

Kerry: "We did something you don't know how to do. We balanced the budget." Another belly laugh. Who knew Kerry was such a comedian.

Unintentional humor from Bush: he says Kerry's not convincing as a fiscal conservative. Heh. True fiscal conservative's shouldn't be happy with Bush's deficit.

Interesting how often Kerry mentions John McCain in a positive light. Bush, er, hasn't had the opportunity, I suppose, to mention such specific bi-partisan support.

Funniest question so far: "Mr. President, how would you rate yourself as an environmentalist?"

The folks over at the NRO have another defensive disclaimer up again tonight:
WELCOME...readers from the Kerry Campaign, Democratic National Committee, Washington Post, New York Times, Liberal Blogs, & other political commentators. As we always do, tonight we'll be making a running assessment of George W. Bush's and John Kerry's performance in St. Louis. We saw your reports about some of our criticisms of President Bush during the first presidential debate and we're glad you're reading. Tonight, if we should say something positive about President Bush, we want you to know you're welcome to report that, too.

Sincerely, National Review Online
Truly cringeworthy.

In a year when the Republicans would like to rewrite the Constitution, not a single question or mention of gay rights.

Good closing question though: name three mistakes you've made, Mr President. As usual, Bush refuses to admit to any mistakes, though he says he made some mistakes nominating some individuals to positions. Which is kind of like blaming those individuals for his mistakes. Nice.

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