Thursday, October 21, 2004

Coming from All Sides

"This administration cannot be trusted to govern if it cannot be counted on to think and having thought, to have second thoughts."

John Kerry? Mike McCurry? No, that would be George Will.

He's quoted in an article by Marlow W. Cook, a Republican ,a Jefferson County judge from 1962-1968, and U.S. senator from Kentucky from 1968-1975. He goes on to say the following:
I am not enamored with John Kerry, but I am frightened to death of George Bush. I fear a secret government. I abhor a government that refuses to supply the Congress with requested information. I am against a government that refuses to tell the country with whom the leaders of our country sat down and determined our energy policy, and to prove how much they want to keep that secret, they took it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Those of you who are fiscal conservatives and abhor our staggering debt, tell your conservative friends, "Vote for Kerry," because without Bush to control the Congress, the first thing lawmakers will demand Kerry do is balance the budget.

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