Friday, October 08, 2004

Errol's Ads

Usinf his now familiar up-close-and-personal style, Errol Morris, director of the exceptional documentary, The Fog of War, has created a series of compelling ads, which feature people who voted in the Bush in 2004, who'll be voting for Kerry next month. The reasons vary and people from all walks of life articulate how fed up they are with Bush's direction with the environment, the economy, the war in Iraq, of course, and some even convincingly question his Christian values.

A particularly colorful example: Richard Dove, a retired Colonel, U.S. Marines:
I have a Dodge Pickup Truck and it's a big, red — it looks like a fire engine, it's so big. Across the tailgate of this truck is a sign in huge letters that says — it's one I created and paid for — it says "Save the Earth. Send Bush to Mars. I am a Republican." I'm getting about eighty, eighty-five percent thumbs up. Now, occasionally, I'll get somebody to put a different finger in the air. But usually it's the thumbs up that I get.
One of the most powerful quotes comes from Kim Mecklenburg, a financial advisor:
We're in an era where to dissent is considered unpatriotic. And if there's ever a moment when I'm fearful that I'm going to lose my clients because I speak out about what I believe is right for me, then that's the time that we're in dire need of change. I'm a Republican and I'm voting for John Kerry. If I lose all of my clients, then I lose all of my clients.
Now, that's integrity.

Know someone who's undecided? Pass this link on to them.

(Via Kevin Drum.)

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