Sunday, October 24, 2004


You know those pop musicians who claim they don't lip sync? Well, I just saw Ashlee Simpson get busted *live* on Saturday Night Live moments ago. She came on to sing her second song for the night, but suddenly started "singing" the same one she had "sung" earlier. A few words in, she dropped the mic to her side, but kept "singing." She stood there for an eternal few seconds, perhaps thinking they'd segue into the correct song, kind of wandering around the stage, then she walked off. The band kept playing, started jamming--sans vocalist--until the show cut to a photo of Jude Law then went to commercials. Wonder if that'll be a career ender? It's gonna be hard for her to live it down. I've never seen anything quite like it before on live telly. An unmitigated disaster.

Update 10:35 PM - Of all the stuff I've posted on this blog, Ashlee Simpson gets the most comments. Go figure. Welcome ya'll.

Update 10/25/04 - Thanks to Defamer, for the nod. No wonder my visits are going up.

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