Monday, October 25, 2004

Ashlee Update!

OK, I lied. I may never write about her again. I did see this great bumper sticker on the way home tonight though:
Hey Cheney! Same to you!
Also came across this bumper sticker contest which the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran. It included some great entries, including the following:
  • When you read bumper stickers, the terrorists win
  • In case of re-election, bang head here
  • Got WMD? Iraq doesn't either?
  • G.W. stands for Global Warming
  • Bush's Healthy Forests Initiative: No tree left behind
  • 2000 -- Bush steals 'Home.' 2004 -- Bush 'Called' OUT
  • George W. Bush: not a real hero, but he plays one on TV
  • George and Osama agree: Don't need a democracy when you got a theocracy!
  • Moving to Canada '04
  • My God can lick your God
  • Nixon: now more than ever!
  • I'll take care of oil prices -- George W. Bush, 2000 debates [actual quote]
Sure, I mainly cherry-picked the anti-Bush ones. So sue me!

My own contribution would be:
Vote Democrat: the Party of Fiscal Conservatism

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