Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Rude Endorsement

The Rude Pundit offers us a blistering endorsement of Kerry, reminding us that JFK's 10 times the hero Bush will never be.

As Super Lit Teacher Michael Bérubé points out, Rude Pundit's endorsement proves a strong antidote for the ubiquitous but half-hearted endorsements over at Slate. I often find myself wishing for a stronger candidate, too, so there are some good reminders.

There's this too: senators always have a harder time attaining the Presidency, since their long voting records in the Senate can be used against them--even if they're good records from one party's perspective. That's why we get so many governors in the White House (Hi George, Hi Bill, Hi Ronnie). All that to say: if Kerry wins, it will indicate a huge referendum against Bush.

Even if it's close, and Bush wins, it'll indicate how little faith people have in the President. In that case, maybe Bush will choose to rule to the center, right? Er, no. That's what happened last time, remember? After Bush squeaked out a "victory" last time, many of us bravely assumed he'd try to unite the coutnry by appealing to folks on both sides of the political divide. Instead, Bush has catered to the right ever since.

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