Saturday, October 23, 2004


Partisan advertising doesn't get much lower than this.

All those photos in the papers earlier this year of mainstream gay couples getting married and the makers of this ad manage to dig up some photos of leather boys getting married to include. Note that there's not a single shot of the typical gays you and I know in the ad's opening monents. Hey, I'll defend the leather boys, too, but just had to point out the deception here.

Then the overwhelming majority of the rest of the ad consists of photos of Kerry and Edwards, implying some sort of homosexual attraction between the two of them. That's your argument? If you're homophobic, vote for Bush? Kerry's shown playing football poorly. That's your argument? Don't vote for a girly man? A girly man who was shot doing his duty in Vietnam. Not that it matters. I'd vote for a girly man in an instant if I thought he'd run the country sensibly.

And did I mention, it's such a *long* ad. Unnecessarily long. It's as if the guy editing it really got caught up in all that homoerotic imagery and didn't know when to lay off.

(Via Andrew Sullivan, who was understandably incensed by this peurile exercise in bigotry.)

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