Wednesday, January 12, 2005


CNN Headline: Official: U.S. calls off search for Iraqi WMDs.

Subhead: "Bush stands by decision to go to war, spokesman says."

But, of course. I could follow up with a litany of cynical observations here, but I'm much of the blogosphere's busy doing just that already.

Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter must be seething today. You may remember he consistently reported before the invasion of Iraq that the country had no WMD. Would love to see an interview with him right now.

If all goes as we've come to expect, any moment now Bush will congratulate everyone in his administration responsible for this debacle for their fine work and present them each with the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Who need's VH1's Surreal Life?

Update: A Ctrl +F over at the NRO's Corner reveals pretty much ZERO discussion of this monumental event among all those hawkish conservatives, except for a very brief and typically dismissive remark from Kathryn Jean Lopez. (But that's not really discussion anyway, is it?) Talk about an enterprise in denial.

Meanwhile, chief U.S. weapons inspector Charles Duelfer says not only are there no WMD in Iraq but the country hasn't developed any since 1991. Of course, we heard that from experts before the war, too.

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