Friday, January 14, 2005


The National Review's Corner *entirely* ignored the WMD issue this week (it was kinda big news) - except for one typically brief, dismissive remark from KJL. I emailed her to ask about the rather compelling silence over there. Didn't hear back.

Later, I emailed Jonah about Armstrong Williams and asked, BTW, how come you guys are ignoring the whole WMD thing?

After some back and forth, he finally decided,
Robert -- you're just going to have to appreciate that the Corner cannot be held to the standard of being exactly what you want it to be exactly when you want it to be. As for the WMD thing i gather no one's mentioning it because no one's surprised.
So I replied as follows:
Fair enough - after all the Corner is a conservative venue, isn't it!

As for the WMD thing i gather no one's mentioning it because no one's surprised.

I guess that's a sort of tacit intellectual honesty then.

Of course, this speaks volumes, too [from an entry of his on the Corner]: "Personally, I don't mind if the world thinks we turn into a bunch of crazy cowboys when you attack us the way we were attacked on 9/11."

So, who cares about WMD anyway, right?

Also, I know it's probably just a grammatical tic, but "the world" didn't attack us, a group of radical religious fundamentalists did.
No reply as of yet.

I know, I was a little obnoxious. But, you know what? I don't think there's anything wrong with being angry with this administration and at those who continue to insist that Bush and company can do no wrong. Or remain impeccable in their silence when it's clear to all that the administration's screwed up. Big time.

Instead, the NRO crowd devotes plenty of space to discussing liberal pundits who may have made committed similar disgraces to Armstrong and on lesbians coming out in TV show finales.

OK, no more blogging on the NRO for a while. This ain't All NRO All the Time.

P.S. Love the headline for this Op/Ed by Georgie Anne Geyer: Final Word on Iraq's WMD Sounds Very Familiar.

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