Monday, January 24, 2005

A Byrd & a Bush

Michelle Malkin tries to make the case that since Democratic Senator Robert Byrd was once a klansman, then the media--and particularly CBS--should pay special attention to the fact that he opposes the Condoleeza Rice nomination.

Come on, Michelle. That would be a story if Byrd were against Condi's nomination because she's black. But I doubt that's the case. And I doubt Malikin could prove it is. Besides, there are plenty of good and decent reasons to oppose the Rice's selection for Secretary of Defense.

I mean, should The Weekly Standard and The Washington Times have run a headline saying Texas Cokehead Runs for President back in 2000?

No, of course not. That wouldn't make sense. That wouldn't have been fair.

So why is Malkin digging up the past?

She even admits in a previous piece that Byrd left the KKK back in 1943. Sixty two years ago. What''d Barbara Boxer do 62 years ago that Malkin can dig up? What a minute, Boxer can't even be that old.

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