Monday, January 24, 2005

Just Because I Can

Just to join the rest of the blogosphere, a gratuitous SpongeBob mention. Solidarity ya'll!

Now, please consider giving to the Human Rights Campaign. As we found out today, the battle against the amendment is far from over.

BTW, it's been pointed out elsewhere, I'm sure, but it's especially sad to note that James Dobson's complaint with SpongeBob was not even that the fictitious sponge creature might be gay, but that a cartoon character was being used to promote tolerance of gay people. So. It's wrong to be tolerant of gay people. Man, which Jesus does this guy spend his spare time studying?

I mean, let's devolve for a moment and pretend homosexuality is wrong. How do you think Jesus would treat gay people, Jim? I mean, Jesus treated prostitutes with respect. With tolerance. Even lovingly. Can you really imagine him treating gay people otherwise? (Just for the record: If Christ had treated gay people with animosity, I believe he would've been in the wrong.)

You know, I don't consider tolerance such a big deal. I mean, you can tolerate soemthing and still believe it's annoying, nasty or even wrong. So how exactly does Dobson suggest his followers treat gay people?

Personally, I don't think being tolerant is enough.

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