Monday, May 24, 2004

No More Cell Phone Abuse!

Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin posts everything you need to know about Rumsfeld's ban on camera phones in Iraq.

Apparently, it's not the abuse that's the problem, it's the photos of it.

I'm with Clarence Page:
If I had my way, every enlisted man and woman in the military would be issued a digital camera. As we've seen in the scandal about abused Iraqi prisoners, the little gadgets help boost morale by providing snapshots that can be e-mailed back home. They also can come in handy when you need to gather evidence. I like those little cameras because certain power elites don't.
Apparently, Rumsfeld lives in Topsy Turvy World. You know: where right is wrong and wrong is right?

What's the bet in their next war the administration figures embedded journalists ain't such a good idea, either? Now that one they probably won't get away with. Once the press has had access, they're not too happy about giving it up.

Update: I believe it's since been proven that Rumsfeld did not ban camera phones. Nonetheless, the quotes attributed to him lamenting the use of cameras on the battlefield were quite legit.

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