Saturday, May 15, 2004

Christian Rocker Feels Sad for Britney

Can I feel sad for Rebecca St. James and Britney Spears?

St. James criticized Spears for her "promiscuous fashion," then bragged:
I'm a virgin, I'm 26 and going to stay that way until after I'm married. My philosophy is, if you're committed to waiting then don't even go close to the line and only date people who are committed to waiting as well. Even the guys I date... we talk about making sure we don't go close to the line.
St. James is Australian, but I can't imagine the True Love Waits campaign which she fronts here in the U.S. being too popular in Oz.

Nothing wrong with saving oneself, of course. And if you want to save yourself into your 30s, fine. But don't condescend to the rest of us.

Of course, Christians so adamant that the rest of us maintain our virginity as long as we're single should realize a few things, most of which involve the Bible being written 2000 plus years ago when:
  • People were married off as soon as they hit puberty - in other words, parents ensured their children got married practically before they had the opportunity to have sex
  • They didn't have the variety of birth control we enjoy
  • People knew much less about sexually-transmitted diseases
  • They suffered under a lot of superstitions about human sexuality back then. Oh yeah, we still do, too

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