Monday, May 10, 2004


So, you create a special Blogger email address, which you email your posts to. The subject of your email becomes the title of your post. Great quick way to post, especially if you can't access Blogger. Means I could blog from my PDA, too, and when I synch, the posts will be added. I imagine I'll hafta go back in and reformat each entry. (Wonder if HTML works?) Still. Cool. And, it's another free feature.

Guess those Google ads are paying for all this now?

Update: OK, I cheated and went back in and reformatted this post, but here's what happened:
  • It used my email default font which is Arial, so I had to take the font tags out. I used rich-text email, so I just need to send plain-text emails or change to Verdana.
  • Typing in HTML doesn't work. Too bad. Though formatting with Outlook Express's rich-text editor might work.
  • Rich text italics were changed to bold. This happens to me in Blogger, too, though. Not sure what's up with that.
  • Had to make title bold, but it was in correct font (Verdana) since subject area is in plain text.
  • Had to add a space between the title and the blog entry. Might be able to do that in the email, too.
  • Seemed to add quite a few spaces I don't think were in the email.