Monday, May 10, 2004

The New Blogger Features

Trying out Blogger's new BloggerBot feature (actually Hello's) here to post a photo by Christopher Wray-McCann. It's a bit fiddly. I had to go back into Blogger to format this post properly. Maybe it'll be helpful once I get used to it. It does host photos for you, and links the smaller photos in your blog to a larger version. For free.

I haven't tried this Mail-to-Blogger function yet either, which apparently allows you to email posts to your blog, but that could be very cool.

Is using the new Blogger comments? Are there any advantages to them over Haloscan's?

Thanks Blogger for all the new goodies. Blogger's gotta be one of the best free apps out there. Besides being highly addictive, it contributes to a sense of community on the web.