Sunday, May 02, 2004

Just When You Think the World Couldn't Get Any Madder . . .

In March 2002, Macedonian cops staged a raid, killing seven innocent people in an attempt to show they were on board with the U.S. war on terror. The seven illegal Pakistani immigrants were brought into Mecedonia, so they could be framed as terrorists and then they were murdered. To show Macedonian solidarity with the United States. Couple this with recent reports of U.S. and perhaps British military torturing Iraqi prisoners and you have to wonder, has the whole world gone mad?

Of course, I wondered that as soon as Bush started to discuss invading Iraq, and a huge part of the population just nodded along with his reasoning.

Thank God for sane Republicans like John McCain though. When the Sinclair group yanked Nightline from its lineup last week to protest the fact that Ted koppel would spend the whole hour honoroing the dead, McCain, a Vietnam vet, wrote the following in a letter to David Smith, CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group:
Your decision to deny your viewers an opportunity to be reminded of war's terrible costs, in all their heartbreaking detail, is a gross disservice to the public, and to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. It is, in short, sir, unpatriotic. I hope it meets with the public opprobrium it most certainly deserves.

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