Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Those Delusional Republicans

Just heard Teri Gross interviewing Karen Hughes on Fresh Air. Hughes is the former Bush counsel and speech writer. the one who stepped down a few months ago to spend mor etime with her family. She's rejoined the Bush administration to help W get re-elected. (Sorry. That should be elected.)

When Gross asked her how Bush squared invading another country against the will of the world as a Christian, Hughes replied that she disagreed with Gross and that by invading Iraq, Bush was--swear to God--"fulfilling the will of the world."

Swear to God. Seriously. I mean, she ought to be a comedian, not a speech writer. Has she even even left the country? Has she seen the polls that really reflected "the will of the world"? I mean, it's a nice little phrase, isn't it? "Will of the world." The alliteration makes it trip nicely off the tongue. As well as the repeated "l" sound--consonance--in "fulfill," "will" and "world." "Fulfilling the will of the neo-cons." See? Just doesn't have the same ring to it. But "the will of the world?" It ain't no good if it ain't true. Of course, these speech writers aren't about the business of telling the truth anyway.

Gross also asked her whether she thought gay marriage or divorce was a greater threat to the institution of marriage. Hughes just beat around the bush and didn't answer at all. Gross didn't press her.

I would've loved to have heard Gross just casually say, "Yeah, but which do you think is the greater threat to the institution of marriage?" You know 5 or 6 times, if necessary, to highlight the fact that Hughes never answered the question.

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