Thursday, March 11, 2004

The CBS Circus

Who could've predicted the odd route CBS would take these past few months along their particular highway to hell? They yanked The Reagans. Canceled a Michael Jackson show after his arrest, but agreed to put it back on after Jackson agreed to an exclusive interview. Refused to show the Move-On ad during the Superbowl. And, oh yeah, there was that whole Superbowl half-time show, too, involving the other Jackson. You wouldn't think CBS could get any more shameless, would you?

But now there's this. In the wake of the success of Mel Gibson's Passion, CBS plans on resurrecting the hit miniseries on the life of Christ the network aired back in 2000. But here's the thing: it was originally a four-hour long two-nighter. Now they plan to show only the second night, part two. Yes, they're cutting to the chase and basically just showing the life of Christ from the Sermon on the Mount up to his crucifixion.

Say, isn't that the same timeframe The Passion uses? Huh.

Could CBS get any more craven?