Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Hitched to America

First and last flag you'll see on this blog.I'm happy to say I became a United States citizen today. My heart-felt thanks to the friends and family who came to see me sworn in.

I was sworn in with a a group of 76 people from all around the world. People of every race and religion. People from India, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, Russia, Korea and many other countries. There was even another tall, red-headed Aussie.

Events of the last couple of years have really radicalized me, I think. In a good way. As I look back on this blog, I'm surprised by some of what I've written. I've been angry at what I've seen going on in America. Angry with the direction this administration's taking our country's social and foreign policies.

So, today was encouraging for me. I can vote now. I can contribute in new ways to this society, a society I do believe to be a great one, despite its faults. The greatest on earth? Not necessarily. Not unless your measure greatness solely by economic and military power. It's hard to argue with that. I remain proud of my Australian heritage, and plan to maintain my citizenship there as well. I'm never going to be much of a flag-waver; most Aussies didn't get that flag-waving gene. Nonetheless, I'm gladdened by the thought that in some small and local way, I can make an impact in this big, boisterous, ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated society.

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