Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Bill Bennett's Devastating Arguments Against Gay Parenting

Arguing that gay parents might not be good for children, Bill "Bookie" Bennett just told Bill O'Reilly that he saw a child with two mommies on the train. The little girl had a cold and Bennett said she might not be getting the care she could because the two women were mothering her. He admitted it was only anecdotal evidence.

These are the arguments conservatives are coming up with to criticize gay parents?

Bennett had already admitted there was no real proof yet that gays could adequately raise children, so I guess in relating this incident he figured he'd better pull out the real fire power. Bill O'Reilly, much to my surprise, actually challenged him on some of his reasoning.

It's fascinating to watch the conservative arguments against gay marriage disintegrate so quickly.

Pretty soon, all they're going to be left with is "It's an abomination." Folks like Bennett are smart enough to know that argument's not gonna float with the American populus at large any more.

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