Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Bill "Bookie" Bennett Update

Andrew Sullivan describes how paragon of virtue Bill Bennett continues to lie about Sullivan's position on open marriages between gays. Sullivan is against such open relationships and has made this clear to Bill Bennett in person on live television and in person; still Bennett lies. Sullivan:
I explicitly stated in front of him that he was misreading my book and misrepresenting my position on civil marriage and asked him to stop distorting it in future. He said he was glad to accept my clarification. I asked him again later in private not to distort my position in future. He is still doing so.
True, Bennett proves a particularly pompous and tiresome hypocrite. However, people on either side of the political fence who insist on repeating what they know to be untrue again and again should be ignored, not given the opportunity to appear on every pundit's television show to posture as high priests of virtue while continue dissembling. It just so happens that the far right appears to have a particular proclivity for this practice.

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