Saturday, April 24, 2004


Via Saheli: if you hate Hummers, you're gonna love this site!

Sample some--honestly--typical hate mail:
yeah, i just wanted to say that i immeadiatly hated this site when i saw the name of it, who ever made this is a total dumbass! you either are too much of a cheap ass to afford an H2 or your one of those weirdo tree huggers. i really wish someone would give you the driections to the nut house, cause you certainly are one to say the least. now that i've thought over it i was right, your too damn cheap to buy a nice ride and and have some class. (which clearly you have none of). i dont have much else to say cause your not much worth the time, but just a last word of advice, if you ever are in front of an H2 and we know its you, move your ass out of the way! cause by God we're gonna flatten you and the peice of shit we can imagine someone like you would be driving, thanks, have a nice day, but watch your ass! Sincerely, any H2 driver. your can find!
Insert "[sic]" where appropriate.

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