Saturday, April 10, 2004

Frum & Perle: DEAD Wrong

Just over a year ago, David Frum, half of the genius team behind An End to Evil, wrote the following in a February 24, 2003 National Review article:
But there is good news: If the preparations for the Iraq round of the war on terror have gone very, very slowly, the Iraq fight itself is probably going to go very, very fast. The shooting should be over within just a very few days from when it starts. The sooner the fighting begins in Iraq, the nearer we are to its imminent end. Which means, in other words, that this "rush to war" should really be seen as the ultimate "rush to peace."
You were wrong Frum. Dead wrong.

Oh and Richard Perle, the other half of that same genius team? As reported by Warren Strobel, a year ago he had this to say:
Richard Perle, an influential former Pentagon official who is close to Rumsfeld, reportedly gave a briefing to Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs 10 days ago in which he predicted that the war would last no longer than three weeks. "And there is a good chance that it will be less than that," he said.
Also wrong, Mr. Perle. Dead wrong.

(Via Daily Kos)

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