Sunday, January 20, 2008

Union Square

Just added these thoughts about Union Square to my ABCs of New York post:
Union Square - some may think of Times Square or even Central Park as the heart of Manhattan, but, for me, it's Union Square. Practically every subway line intersects there. So do New Yorkers of every ethnicity and socio-economic level. You'll see junkies, artists and models. (I saw TED prize winner photojournalist James Nachtwey strolling through the Square late one night last year.) You can shop for fine clothes, crafts, artwork or produce. Buy a $10 CD or DVD at the Virgin Superstore. Eat at anyone of a myriad of restaurants. Or just hang out in Union Square itself, watching the skaters, musicians, or the outdoor theater, or listening to the constant parade of passionate and/or crazy people preaching their sermons and conspiracy theories. And it's free. Just steer clear of the Scientologists.

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