Sunday, January 13, 2008

Green Computing

Just watching The Wall Street Journal Report describe Fujitsu's new laptop casing as biodegradable. They further described it as made from corn, instead of petroleum products. It took a 30 second Google search to determine that the new casing isn't any more biodegradable than regular laptop casings are (so you can't just take it out your garden as bury it as the WSJR anchor joked), but the corn component is more biodegradable *after* it's been extracted from the petroleum-based plastic it's mixed with through a recycling process. Any guesses as to how many laptops will actually go through that process versus going straight to a landfill ... where they will take just as long to degrade as any other laptop?

A spokesman for Fujitisu on WSJR says producing the cases does save 15% in CO2 emissions, and that you'll also need to pay a little more for your corn-based laptop. Additionally, not all Fujitsu laptops will use the new component.

The Associated Press: Gadgets to Go Green at Electronics Show

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