Saturday, January 26, 2008


Barack Obama

Ever since the prospect of Barack Obama running for President arose, I've suspected that he could take South Carolina by storm. Tonight, that became a reality. At the moment, it looks like he's going to win SC handily, the figures standing at 55% for Obama to 27% for Hillary Clinton at the moment. Congratulations, Mr. Obama, for making history. Let's hope there's more history to be made in the months to come.

One caveat: As I check out the voting stats, I'm not sure they really shows as much progress in South Carolina as it might initially appear. It looks like a tremendous number of African Americans came out to vote and overwhelming voted for Obama. However, white men tended to vote for Edwards and white women for Clinton, indicating, unfortunately, that South Carolinians may have simply voted right down racial and gender lines. Oddly enough, CNN is saying he won across demographic lines, which seems a very shallow understanding of the results.

One clear piece of positive news, however, is that 52% of non-white voters from the ages of 18-29 voted for Obama. Seems the younger generation truly is more colorblind. They were the *only* non-white age group in SC to vote overwhelmingly for Obama. Every other age group voted strongly for Clinton or Edwards. What a difference a decade makes. (Stats here.)

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