Sunday, June 26, 2005

Updated: Top Ten NPR Reporter Names

In my quest to come up with a definitive list on this important subject, here's an update on this previous post:
Here's an idea I've had for quite a while: a Top 10 list of NPR Reporter Names. Specifically, names that when you hear them, you think, man, that's a cool name. And then you have to say it out loud a few times: "Man-dah-leet Del-bah-ko." The fact that most of these reporters seem to be women? I can't help that!

1. Mandalit del Barco
2. Snigdha Prakash
3. Sylvia Poggioli
4. Lakshmi Singh
5. Neda Ulaby
6. Anne Garrels
7. Joanne Silberner
8. Daniel Zwerdling
9. Lourdes Garcia Navarro*
10. Corey Flintoff

BTW, Don'tcha think "Robert Stribley" would be a cool-sounding name for an NPR reporter? [click] Mandalit? Mandalit? Are you still there?

*Updated 6/26/05: Sorry Linda Wertheimer/Eric Westervelt, but Lourdes Garcia Navarro? Come on - did you really think ya'll would stand a chance once I realized I'd left her out? Maybe if I start a Germanic-only list?

Also: honorary runners-up to both Kojo Nnamdi (not technically a reporter) and Mora Liarson.

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