Sunday, June 12, 2005


Is roadcasting the next big thing?

Here's the gist:
The real innovation, though, comes from what happens once a playlist is created. While a driver is listening to music from his or her choices, the songs will be broadcast and available for reception by any other car with a roadcast-equipped car stereo. So, if a driver gets bored with a personal playlist, the software's collaborative filtering capabilities will automatically scan the airwaves looking for other roadcast stations that match the driver's stated preferences, and return any matching available stations. Listeners can search by bands, genres, and song titles, and skip through other users' radio stations to find music they want to hear.
Sounds way better than ol' commercial radio, that's for sure. Maybe even better than satellite radio, too. No commercials though? What's the bet the music companies will want to declare this illegal?

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