Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Pecking Order at Ground Zero

Thanks, but no thanks, Donald: Trump proves once again that just because you're insanely rich doesn't mean you have a modicum of taste.

Paul Goldberger, the epitome of the tasteful architectural critic, has an excellent, if saddening update on the rebuilding progess being made at Ground Zero in the May 30th issue of the New Yorker. (Apparently not available online.) Sounds like Larry Silverstein and Governor Pataki have enough craven interest between them to undermine any elegant or dignified solution to the challenges endemic to the site. Goldberger makes a compelling case for offering a lot more living space and less commercial space on those 16 acres.

Of Trump's plan, Goldberger says, "I think the challenge of Ground Zero goes beyond anyone's individual ego, and the problem of Donald Trump is he's never gone beyond his own individual ego."

Hear, hear.

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