Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mini Review: Batman Begins

As a fan of the Dark Knight since I was a kid (ahem, not too long ago), I'd been looking forward to Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins for ages and . . . me liked. Not quite as good as I'd hoped, but waaay better than all (or at least most) of the previous ones. Plus, I liked the realism of it and the nifty little explanations for Batman lore. And I think Bale is the best Batman/Bruce Wayne so far. It's easier to pull off Batman I think, due to the suit. However, the cultured, but damaged aspect of Bruce Wayne, coupled with his viciously good looks and a cold remote demeanor - now that's a lot harder to pull off and Christian Bale nailed it.

And that scene where he's sitting in the courtroom, trembling with barely constrained rage. Holy method acting! Sent chills. I'm not sure I've even seen someone tremble with rage realistically in a movie before.

As Saheli points out, Batman Begins probably doesn't add any iconic moments to cinema history. There was one maybe: when the camera swings wide around that one Gotham cityscape and Batman's standing atop a skyscraper, like a towering gargoyle. It's been done before, so, maybe it's not iconic exactly, but it was certainly breathtaking.

Where it fell apart for me was at the end where it did kinda turn into typical summer blockbuster fare and then, especially when he and Katie Holmes kiss. They'd been so distant throughtout the whole flick and then she kisses him like that? Didn't fit. Seemed like an audience-tested moment. So that was disappointing.

Nonetheless, for much of the movie, I was enthralled.

It was like a Batman movie Ridley Scott might have made if he'd turned his attention to the superhero, immediately after Bladerunner.

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