Sunday, February 12, 2006

Padded Résumé: Part Deux

In case you missed it another Bush appointee stepped down this past week, due to a profound lack of qualifications.

Interestingly enough, George C. Deutsch was involved with two recent and distressing NASA related stories. Turns out the kid's 24-years old and never completed his studies at Taxas A&M--though that's not what his résumé said. 24 years old! Shoot, I'd love to be a writer/editor in NASA's DC public affairs office, and I've got a decade and change on Deutsch. That and I have two earned degrees in Journalism and English from a well-known religious institution, as well as a keen interest in science. Mr. Bush, I'm highly qualified for the job.

And I'd vow to allow NASA's top experts access to the media and speaking engagements and to allow scientists to convey scientific theory using their own language. ...

Doh! I think I just disqualified myself!

Serious question: with 2005 being the year of Brownie and Myers and, oh, these folks among others, why hasn't this story gotten more coverage?

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