Monday, February 13, 2006

Darwin Day

Charlie Darwin

Yesterday was Darwin Day and I failed to recognize it. Sorry Charlie!

What to do for Darwin Day? Many folks criticize evolution without knowing a whole lot about it (I didn't come from no monkey!), so whether you're a Darwin fan or a skeptic, how about reading at least one article about evolution this week? Here are some good ones:

Organs of Extreme Perfection and Complication by Charles Darwin - the man himself explains how something as complex as the eye could evolve over time well over a century before Michael Behe coined the term "irreducible complexity."

Evolution 101 - Berkeley offers this cool site to introduce folks to "evolutionary theory and mechanisms, from definitions to details, natural selection to genetic drift, mutations to punctuated equilibrium."

Darwin in the Dock by Margaret Talbot - this exceptional New Yorker article details why Intelligent Design proponents would eventually fail in their recent case brought before Judge John Jones - a Republican appointed judge - in Harrisburg, PA.

Scientific Laws, Hypotheses & Theories - not about evolution, ostensibly, but a cogent explanation of the difference between these terms, consequently demonstrating why evolution is not "just a theory."

15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense [pdf] - this cheekily named article answers some common myths and criticisms of evolution quite effectively.

Happy reading!

And, tangentially, I can't wait to see Flock of Dodos.

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