Tuesday, January 31, 2006

James Frey Plays the SOTU Drinking Game

James Frey live blogs the President's State of the Union Address while playing the drinking game.

9:03 - The President's not on yet, but I take a Big Swig of Scotch to get the old Neurons firing. Pick glass another piece of glass out of knee from last night's brawl with three of the Boys in Blue. They crossed the Thin Blue Line.

9:16 - Prez sez "9/11" within two minutes of beginning speech - two shots of tequila. OK, three.

9:19 - "we love our freedom" - I down a third PBR in a Single Gulp. (And I realize I have no recollection of drinking the First Two.)

9:21 - something about America leading the World towards Peace - drinking tequila straight from the bottle now

9:23 - sight of young girl wearing Hijab seated beside Laura Bush - finishes off Tequila, reaches for second bottle from carton beside the Couch.

My head throbs.



9:36 - "Iran" - ah, finished off that Scotch nicely

9:37 - Iran. Iran. Iran. Nobody said this wouldn't be Expensive.

9:35 - "reauthorize the Patriot Act" - very Expensive

9:37 - "spying on Americans is cool, yo" - I turn down the volume and snuggle with my bottle of Jose Cuervo

9:40 - "tax cuts permanent" - I pass out and barely hear the Empty Bottle hit the floor

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